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Dr. Hajel, Owner/CEO

He received his DMD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1996. He then completed his GPR/Hospital Dentistry program at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Training was focused on treating the patients with the most extensive dental needs and those with very significant medical problems.

Dr. Hajel provides comprehensive care to children with extensive dental needs (rampant decay and/or abscessed teeth), children and adults with special needs, and to all patients requiring more extensive surgical procedures including full mouth extraction, wisdom teeth extraction, impacted teeth extraction, implant placement, frenectomies (including tongue-tie), and other more complicated surgical procedures (including cyst, fibroma, and mucocele removal).

Many patients he sees possess complex and significant health problems which are managed under sedation in the most safe and effective manner possible. The majority of his patients are treated in the hospital under general anesthetic. Dr. Hajel treats many patients who refuse to be treated by other providers. He has been personally treating hundreds of patients per year in this manner since 2003.

Dr. Hajel is extremely passionate about treating patients in a non-traumatizing manner. No patient is EVER restrained while awake to undergo a procedure. "The longer I practice, the more I believe that sedation utilized properly, safely, and ONLY by trained personnel is not only appropriate, but is the true standard of care to treat patients with extensive needs, management issues, or with significant health issues", stated Dr. Hajel.

Dr. David Hajel

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