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General Dentistry

We also offer hospital dentistry at Somerset Hospital for more difficult and extensive dental surgical procedures on children and adults. This is also important for patients who have significant medical problems and are medically compromised.

The dental treatment is completed in an operating room with all necessary providers including an anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist (CRNA), and operating room nurse. This assures that you are treated in the most effective and safe manner possible.

  Dr. Hajel is exclusively a hospital provider. Dr. Speca also provides hospital care.

The hospital dental service contains four main roles for patients:

• instructive advice and treatment for cases of special patient difficulty being referred to SDA or other hospitals by our staff or other general dental and medical practitioners, and/or for patients admitted in the hospital as a result of trauma or disease.

• dental care, including extensive treatment, of long-stay hospital in-patients.

• dental care of short-stay patients when this is required for pain relief or other emergencies, or as part of, or in support of their general dental treatment.

• the treatment of certain out-patients, where there are medical considerations making it desirable for the treatment to be carried out in a hospital.

General Dentistry

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