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“I owe my new smile and new-found confidence to Somerset Dental and its professional staff. Now when I go to the office, I feel so comfortable with him and his friendly, staff. I now consider Dr. Marquez and the rest of the team “My Friends” and I actually look forward to my office visits.”— Richard M.

“I was treated at Somerset Dental Associates (SDA) for a crown on my implant. I decided to try SDA because it had great reviews, and the cost was very reasonable for what I would have had to pay regularly. I would highly recommend them! I arrived right on time and was greeted by the receptionist, who I contacted before-hand. She answered my questions appropriately, every question I had, and they were true to the price they quoted and the procedure they were going to do. I have a fear of dentists, and of course didn’t want to experience any pain during my procedure. I was assured that I would be made comfortable, and I was! He and the staff very professional and kind. He explained everything ahead of time in detail and answered any questions I had very patiently. The crown is beautiful, their equipment is all state of the art, the office is completely clean, and all the associates there could not have been nicer. I would not hesitate to go back to SDA to have other dental work done. Thank you all for a beautiful tooth and a wonderful experience!” - Rachael B.

“It is with much pleasure that I write about my experience at Somerset Dental Associates. You see, I am (was) a very apprehensive person about going to any dentist. The thought of it brought on mild anxiety, rapid heartbeat and some shortness of breath. It had been a few years since I had been to the dentist before for various reasons. I developed a toothache and was in a lot of pain. The time had come to deal with it. I made an appointment, drove to the dentist's office and parked but could not get out of the car. I just sat there and pondered what would happen next. How embarrassing! I then gathered enough confidence to actually go into the office. Dr. DiSanta examined the aching tooth, numbed my gums, and prepared a filling to place into the tooth. What a relief from the pain after that visit! I do not have to worry about biting into food after that, just chew and swallow. It was indeed a pleasure to have Dr. DiSanta and the staff at Somerset Dental keep my teeth in great shape. After several years of care, SDA remains my favorite dental team. - Tom J.

Upon visiting Somerset Dental Associates and meeting with the doctors and staff, I liked Dr. Hajel and Dr. Speca immediately. Both were kind, gentle, understanding and professional. As promised, Dr. DiSanta did not have to examine my teeth that day. He knew all he needed to know by looking at the X-rays taken that day. We reviewed them and discussed all the work I needed. We then made several appointments for both of them to complete working on my teeth based upon the x-rays from that visit. I was so pleased.

While other dentists might have made me feel uncomfortable, they did not. I left his office very impressed with them. I will continue usind SDA as my primary dental team. -- Andy C.

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